Caregivers Make Things Happen

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a good friend who is a caregiver for her beloved mom, recently diagnosed with cancer. The thing is, it’s not enough of a burden to be worried about the disease itself. Often, it’s also about the financial aspect of a major illness, especially medication costs that can be prohibitive, regardless of insurance coverage.

Amazingly enough, my friend was able to obtain grants (based on financial need) to pay for her mom’s cancer meds through two foundations. One is the Lilly Cares Foundation and the other is the PAN Foundation.  In a nutshell, The Lily Cares Foundation helps with certain  medications they make and market by providing the drugs to eligible patients at no cost.  The PAN Foundation will cover out-of-pocket medical costs for eligible participants.

I was thrilled for both her and her mom, yet she was hesitant to take any credit for making this happen, saying that all she did was fill out forms. Since the application was based on “need,” she had no influence to exert over the outcome.

That’s when I realized how important it was to share this thought with her and with you. Caregivers are the unsung heroines and heroes of our society; continually making things happen for those you care about, and very often working behind the scenes with little or no recognition. Non-caregivers may not have a clue, but those of us who’ve been in your shoes understand just how much time and energy it takes, and you are seen, heard, and appreciated.

“Take the kudos,” I told my friend. “You are freaking awesome.”