Caregiver Postcard Set Available

I’ve been wanting to create a Caregiver Postcard Set forever – a bit cheeky, while letting  you know someone understands what it’s like to be a caregiver. You’ll find one or two mild swear words (at least compared to my vocabulary), but most of all I’m hoping their gentle humor will make you feel a little less alone in your thoughts and feelings.

If you’re interested in getting a closer view of each card or purchasing an assorted five-pack of them with envelopes, they’re available to view or order HERE , the Gifts & Cards Gallery at my art website, Once you get there, just fill out the purchase form and I’ll send you a PayPal/Credit Card invoice. Quantities are very limited at this point, so don’t delay!

NOTE: A set of cards coupled with a copy of the book makes an awesome gift for someone!