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Instead of staring at the ceiling when it’s 3 AM and I can’t sleep, I go on the Internet and make lists of helpful links to share with my newsletter subscribers. This batch is definitely worth checking out during  your caregiving journey and beyond.

Happy Healthy Caregiver
Founded by Elizabeth Miller. Her focus is integrating self-care and caregiving. Elizabeth’s many offerings include helpful caregiver resources, coaching, and product recommendations.

Working Daughter
Founded by Liz O’Donnell. The subtitle of the site is “Eldercare, career, kids, and life.” That pretty much says it all. Liz also offers an active FaceBook page and a paid membership option.

Caregiving Advice
Founded by Michelle Seitzer. She hosts a wonderful Monday (11 AM EST) coffee chat for caregivers via Instagram. Love how she openly and honestly explores both the ups and downs of caregiving while offering emotional support, helpful apps, websites, and tools.

Six Great Questions To Ask Elders
One of my deep regrets as a caregiver was not seeking out my dad’s opinions on a variety of subjects as he got older. He had a great fear of becoming irrelevant and I know now that taking time to really talk with him about his thoughts and feelings would have been a gift for both of us. This list of questions would be a great conversation starter around the holiday table.

Easy Crafts For Adults
Honoring your own creativity can be a powerful form of self-care both during and after caregiving. Even fifteen minutes a few times a week can give you a chance to breathe, and offer a break from the pressures you’re under. While not on the list, don’t forget coloring books (there are tons of them geared to topics like florals, mandalas, Zen Tangles, etc) and a variety of crayons, colored pencils or paint markers can be found at a variety of stores.

If you have a few favorites links of your own, email me at Judith@JudithDHenry.com They may show up in future blog posts and I’ll be sure to credit you for the recommendation!!


  1. Bobbe White says:

    Several years ago you took your time to talk on the phone about my own book project. At the time, all four of Jeff’s and my parents were living. We had two parents in separate Assisted Living facilities, another in Long Term Care, and one living independently at home. Neither of the two couples were divorced. It was crazy. You recommended that I wait until all the parents had passed before righting my book. At the time, I was a bit disappointed, plus it seemed morbid to wait. But you were 100% correct. And now I fully understand why. The story needed to be told to the end. And the end was quite unique—in different ways. I would’ve hated to have missed several stories that revealed themselves as a result. Thank you very much for information that was right on the button.

    • Judith Henry says:

      Bobbe, thanks so much for reaching out!! I am so glad to hear our conversation was helpful to you.Even with my parents being gone for many years, I still find myself processing some of the events from the past. It’s definitely a process. I am going to check out your website right now!! Take good care.

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