Time For A Caregiver’s Mantra?

earth and plants

I’ll remind myself, and others, that I’m simply human.

I’ll stop feeling responsible for everything that happens.

I’ll treat myself with kindness and compassion.

I won’t beat myself up for sometimes wanting this to be over.

I’ll accept that I can’t always make things right for the person I’m caring for.

I’ll give myself permission to curse or cry when needed.

I won’t criticize myself when things happen that are beyond my control.

I’ll nix the guilt for sometimes wanting to return the gift of caregiving for something that fits me better.

I’ll consider “me-time” as a legitimate reason to step away  from caregiving, when needed.

If no one else tells me: I am freaking awesome.

What else would you add??



  1. Debbie Young says:

    I believe you got it covered Jude! Can’t think of anything to add. 🙂

  2. Judith Henry says:

    Deb – Oh, good! Some things one never forgets. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Elaine Furlong says:

    I did my job, I have no guilt, my caring made my family warm comfortable and at peace.
    I know that I am loved, and now my head is filled with music
    I loose myself in my creativity. The beach, air and soft gentle ripple of the tide soothes my soul
    My 23 plus years of caring is over, it took me a while to be me again but here I am

    • Judith Henry says:

      Elaine – Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your thoughts on caregiving and that you have been able to embrace your creativity and rediscover yourself. I wish you much joy, my friend!

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