Coloring is for Grownups


As kids, who didn’t inhale that new crayon smell or covet that fresh box of 64 Crayolas every new school year. What was your favorite color? Mine was magenta, mainly because I liked the sound of the word. MA-GEN-TA.

Remember how when we were coloring, all our troubles fell away? Our right brain engaged; our head was inches from the page; and our tongue peeked out with rapt concentration.

Why did we stop? Maybe, because growing up meant putting away childish things. Good news, though. Research now shows that coloring can be a great stress and anxiety reliever, offering a much needed break from the responsibilities that often weigh so heavily on our shoulders. It also enhances motor skills and trains our brain to focus.

There are some fabulous coloring books out there for adults these days – from florals to animals to zen inspired designs. And who cares what people think? I’m putting my pictures up on the refrigerator door.

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a drawing on November 30th to win one gorgeous coloring book by Johanna Basford, along with a set of colored pencils.*

On your marks, get set, have some fun!


*Sorry, U.S. readers only.


  1. wendy keppley says:

    I miss wanting to color and the smell of fresh crayons. I don’t miss trying to sharpen crayons in that little hole in the box!
    But if I use colored pencils, isn’t that too adult-like?
    Oh, there I go again, over-thinking things….like a grown up.

    • Judith Henry says:

      I was torn between offering crayons or colored pencils. The adult in me said that the crayons would most likely break in transit, hence the colored pencils, instead. 🙂

  2. Brenda Hanke says:

    I recently discovered “adult coloring” and I have found it to be very meditative, helps me to be “in the moment”. In caring for my 85 year old mother, with Alzheimer’s, I often find it difficult to stop my brain and rest, so this is helpful. Now, I just need to find the time to do more of it!

    • Judith Henry says:

      Brenda, I like your point about being in the moment. As kids, it seems we were much more adept at that.

  3. Agatha McDougle says:

    Hello Judith – We met today at the Caregiver’s Workshop. I will be in touch soon about an interview. About coloring: I discovered after a New York Times article about this author. I color as soon as I get home from work: I believe it has lowered my blood pressure, and relaxes me before sleep. Regards, Agatha

    • Judith Henry says:

      Agatha, it was so nice meeting you at the Caregiver’s Workshop. Coloring as a way to decompress after the work day, and relax before sleep is such a great idea. I need to give that a try. Will look forward to speaking with you soon!

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